In an attempt to deliver your order by December 24, 2012, please make note of the following dates:

For shipping by Canada Post, order by December 3, 2012

For shipping by Courier, order by December 10, 2012

Please note that we are unable to guarantee delivery before the holidays of orders containing American Express products and orders shipped via Canada Post.

We wish you and yours a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!



Below are questions we find ourselves answering frequently.  Take a look through the various questions.  We are sure you will learn something you didn't know about the program.

What is the Shop and Support Program?

The Shop and Support Program offers a year-round, hassle free way to raise funds for your group through your supporters' everyday shopping, budgeting and gift-giving. Shop and Support payment-gift cards and certificates are used just like cash at their respective retailers, including sale-priced merchandise.  In addition, you can still take advantage of existing in-store points & rewards programs.

How do I order?

We've made ordering easy! Simply fill in an order form (click here to download) and pass it along with your payment to your group coordinator.  Orders are processed once a week by group coordinators.  Our order cut-off is Monday at 9:30am so ensure you have your order into your group coordinator before that so they have time to enter it. Payment must be received by Shop and Support no later than 12pm on Tuesday; payments received after this time will move your order to the next shipment cycle.

When will my Shop and Support order arrive?

All Group orders are shipped via UPS to the group coordinator shipping address currently on file with us. The shipment will leave Shop and Support Fulfillment on the Wednesday of the following week with delivery set for the next day where geographically applicable based on the UPS service we use called ‘UPS Express Saver’.  Visit https://wwwapps.ups.com/ctc/request?loc=en_CA&WT.svl=SubNav and enter the postal code of your group coordinator's shipping address to see if your group's shipment qualifies for overnight shipping.  Under the heading “Ship From:” simply enter ‘Toronto’ and ‘M4T1N5’ for Shop and Support and under the heading for “Ship To:” enter the city and postal code of your group coordinator's shipping address. Then, under the heading “Package Weight:” enter a package weight of 1 lb. and click the ‘Next’ button. Look for ‘UPS Express Saver’ and you will be given the approximate time for shipment from Shop and Support Fulfillment to your group coordinator.  In order to verify receipt of the shipment with UPS tracking, the group coordinator must sign for the package.


  • FREE SHIPPING for orders over $4,000

  • 50% OFF SHIPPING for orders over $3,000

How can I check the status of my order?

All orders are placed with your group coordinator.  They will in turn submit all supporters orders within their group ordering system as one group order weekly by Monday morning at 9:30am Eastern Time.  Each group has their own policy with respect to distribution of orders to supporters.  You will need to speak with your group coordinator about the status of an order as Shop and Support handles all orders at the group level only.

Do gift cards & certificates have an expiry date?

In the majority of Canadian provinces, gift cards no longer expire.  For those provinces where this is not the case, cards that still have expiry dates will vary from merchant to merchant. Typically, those cards expire within 1 to 5 years. You will need to contact the individual retailer for an exact expiry date.  Please refer to http://www.sse.gov.on.ca/mcs/en/Pages/Gift_Card_FAQ.aspx for further information or contact your provincial government website.

What happens if a gift card or gift certificate I have expires?

As mentioned in the question above, in the majority of Canadian provinces, gift cards no longer expire.  For those provinces where this is not the case, if you do not use your gift card or certificate prior to the expiration date, you need to contact the retailer who issued the card to see if they will still honour the card or certificate.  Unfortunately, PREFERRED ONE cannot replace gift cards or certificates which have been lost, stolen or expired.  Some retailers will honour the card or certificate regardless of the expiration date.

What is the currency of gift cards or certificates purchased through Shop and Support?

The gift cards and certificates purchased through the Shop and Support Fundraising program are available in Canadian funds.

How can I prevent shop and support emails from being blocked by my spam filter?

To prevent promotional and other emails from being blocked by your spam filters (Norton AntiSpam, McAfee SpamKiller, etc.), simply open your spam filter program (right-click the blocked e-mail or open from your desktop) and add "@shopandsupport.ca" to your ALLOWED/APPROVED/SAFE SENDERS list.  If your computer is protected by a company spam filter, your company's IT department may have to assist you.

How can I opt out of member emails?

We have made it very easy to opt out of receiving member emails.  Should you decide you do not want to receive member emails any longer, simply click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the last email you received and follow the instructions to unsubscribe.

What happens if a package does not arrive?

Each package sent by UPS is tracked through UPS. If a package does not arrive please go to your order history and get the tracking number and track it through the www.ups.com website.

What if a gift card is lost or stolen?

Because gift cards are treated like cash by our participating retailers, Shop and Support is unable to replace gift cards if they are lost or stolen after delivery.

Can supporters get a tax receipt for the funds raised through their gift card orders?

According to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), a supporter is buying gift cards from their group for full face value.  The funds raised amount that is kept by the group you are supporting is not regarded as a donation from the supporter as the supporter is not considered to have given the group any out-of-pocket support.  Neither Preferred One, the group, the supporter or the retailer qualifies for a donation tax receipt, according to the CRA.

What are the hours for Group Help Services?

Shop and Support Group Help Services is available to send emails to 7 days a week by emailing Group Help Services at support@shopandsupport.ca or calling 1.866.387.8073 ext. 2808 (in Toronto please call 416.863.0307).  If no one is available to take your call, please leave a message and our Group Help Services team will respond to you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours).  Our operating hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern, Monday to Friday.

THE Give Card

What is the Shop and Support Give Card?

The Shop and Support Give Card is a gift card for gift cards.  It can be exchanged at Shop and Support's Give Card redemption site for original gift cards from over a hundred popular retailers, hotels, theaters, restaurants and more. The purchase of a Shop and Support Give Card will immediately earn a group 5% funds raised.

*Give Cards are redeemable only at the Shop and Support Give Card redemption site and cannot be used on the websites or in the stores of companies represented on through the Shop and Support Fundraising program website or the Give Card website. Give Cards are not redeemable for cash. Give Cards never expire.  Funds raised for Give Cards are paid to the group immediately, therefore the redemption of a Give Card for a gift card that is being featured in a Shop and Support promotion will have no bearing on the amount of funds raised at the time of redemption.

How does the Shop and Support Give Card raise money for my Group?

The Shop and Support Give Card is the perfect gift.  You give the lucky recipient of the Shop and Support Give Card the choice of over 100 national Canadian retailer gift cards that we feel you will agree are perfect for gifts! (Click here for the list) These choices include restaurants, clothing retailers, specialty stores and many more.  Simply buy the Shop and Support Give Card and give it away and your group will immediately raise 5%!  The recipient can redeem their Give Card for retailer gift cards that they can use at the respective retailer stores or online, depending on the retailer!  The Give Card is redeemed at www.thegivecard.com.

How do I order a Give Card?

Group coordinators can place orders for Give Cards through the Group Portal.  If you would like to purchase Give Cards, please contact your group coordinator.

How can I check my Shop and Support Give Card balance?

Click here to visit the redemption section of the Give Card site.  Enter your Give Card number in box '1' and click the 'Go!' button.  Your balance will appear in box '2'.  To redeem the card you just checked the balance for, click on box '3', 'Start shopping now!'

How do I spend/redeem a Shop and Support Give Card?

Follow these simple steps to redeem your Give Card:

  1. Review the list of retailer gift cards available for redemption at www.thegivecard.com.

  2. From the Give Card menu at the top of the page, select 'Redeem My Give Card'.

  3. Enter your Give Card number in box '1' and click the 'Go!' button.  Your balance will appear in box '2'.  To redeem the card you just checked the balance for, click on box '3', 'Start shopping now!'

  4. Select the gift cardsyou would like. You can redeem for one or more gift cards from the over 100 retailers available on the site.  As you add gift cards to your shopping cart, the site will automatically deduct the amount from your available Give Card balance.
    The Give Card does not keep a balance, therefore you must redeem the full balance of the cards you enter.  For example, if you redeem a $25 Give Card you must purchase $25 in gift cards.

  5. Proceed to the checkout and begin the Order Confirmation process. Checkout is complete when you reach the Order Confirmation screen. You will then see a screen with an order number and also receive an Order Confirmation email at the email address you provided during Checkout.

  6. Shop and Support will send the gift cards you selected to the shipping address you entered once all requested gift cards are available for shipping.  In the event we run out of stock on a specific item your order might be delayed for 3-4 business days as we obtain new stock from the retailer.

Which Retailers can I redeem the Shop and Support Give Card for?

Visit www.thegivecard.com to see the list of retailers available for redemption.

*The Give Redemption Retailer List is a culled list from the full Shop and Support Retailer List and can therefore only be redeemed for retailers from the Give Redemption Retailer List.

Can I change my give card redemption order after I have placed it?

As redemption orders go almost immediately to our Fulfillment Team it is not possible to change your order.  You may be able to cancel the order by contacting support@shopandsupport.ca.  Please be sure to include your order number.

How are Give Cards and Redemption Gift Cards Shipped?

Give Cards are shipped to the group that ordered them.  The group coordinator will distribute the Give Cards to the ordering supporter or recipient.

Gift Cards that are ordered via the redemption of a Give Card are shipped to the redeeming recipient via Canada Post.

Can a gift card received as a result of a redemption from the Give Card website be exchanged for another retailer gift card?

Unfortunately, we are unable to exchange redemption gift cards once we have shipped them.

Can I use my Give Card in a retailer's store or on a retailer's website?

Give Cards can be redeemed only on the Give Card redemption website.  There you will select the gift cards you desire.  You will be mailed your gift cards which you can then use as payment at the respective retail location, or website where available.

Is there a shipping charge for the gift cards I redeem my Give Card for?

Each Give Card comes with one pre-paid shipping credit.  You must redeem your entire Give Card balance at one time and shipping will therefore be covered by that shipping credit.