In an attempt to deliver your order by December 24, 2012, please make note of the following dates:

For shipping by Canada Post, order by December 3, 2012

For shipping by Courier, order by December 10, 2012

Please note that we are unable to guarantee delivery before the holidays of orders containing American Express products and orders shipped via Canada Post.

We wish you and yours a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!


'Set It - and Forget It!'

Life can get busy and while you know you have every intention of supporting your group, it can be very easy to forget to place your order each week.

Never forget to place another order to support your group!

By placing a 'Recurring' order for the things you know you will be purchasing week after week, like groceries and gas, you will always have the cards you need and your group will maximize their opportunity to raise money!  You can also place a recurring order for restaurants, video stores, a coffee shop or anywhere you shop frequently.

Here's how to setup a recurring order:

  • First, download the newest order form.

  • Then, enter the merchants you return to on a regular basis, along with the denominations of prepaid merchant payment cards you require and the quantity.

  • At the bottom of the form, check the 'Recurring Order' checkbox, and fill in the balance of the recurring order information requested.

  • Hand the order in to your Group Fundraising Coordinator with your post-dated payments and you are all set!

Your recurring order will be delivered to your Group Fundraising Coordinator along with the rest of your group's order on the Friday of the week your order is submitted to Shop and Support by the Group's Coordinator.

Encourage friends within your social networks to setup a recurring order.  Imagine - a group with 25 supporters spending $250.00 weekly will raise almost $200.00 for your group every week. That's approximately $10,000.00 in one year just through merchants you regularly shop at!

Stay Bundled!
With our 'Essentials' Bundles, you can raise even more.  For example, if you were to order $250 in Loblaws and $100 in Esso each week as separate items, you would raise $9.50 from that order.  But get them as a bundle and you would raise $12.25.  That's a 23% increase in funds raised, just by ordering as bundles!  Do this weekly and you would raise $637 for the year, just with your grocery and gas purchases!  25 supporters doing this will raise $16,000 for the year!

So set it... and then just forget it - do it today!  Never has the possibility to do so much less allowed you to raise so much more!

Shop and Support - Doing Less and Raising More!