In an attempt to deliver your order by December 24, 2012, please make note of the following dates:

For shipping by Canada Post, order by December 3, 2012

For shipping by Courier, order by December 10, 2012

Please note that we are unable to guarantee delivery before the holidays of orders containing American Express products and orders shipped via Canada Post.

We wish you and yours a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!


Shipping & Payment Info

There are two types of orders, Group Orders and Supporter Orders.  Group Orders are a collection of Supporter Orders.  Supporters give their orders and payments to their Group Coordinator.  Group Coordinators then submit their Group Order to Shop and Support along with payment for that order.  Supporters pay the full face-value total to their Group Coordinator and Groups pay the net total (gross less funds raised discount) to Shop and Support, giving the group their funds raised immediately, no waiting for a cheque!

Ship to Group by Courier:

By default, a Group Order is shipped from Shop and Support by courier on the Wednesday of the following week to arrive at the group the next day, or on Thursday.  Supporters will need to place their Supporter Orders with their group and submit their payments for those orders in time for their group to get their Group Order and payment into Shop and Support by no later than 9:30am EST on any Monday, in order for that order to be shipped from our Fulfillment Centre  by Wednesday of the following week.

A Group Coordinator can log into their account to see the current cost for shipping a Group Order.  There is usually a shipping promotion in place.  We do not ship Supporter Orders individually.  They are always included in the Group Order.

Payment Methods:

We accept payment by cheque, online banking, email money transfer or preauthorized debit, for group orders only.  Online banking and preauthorized debit are our most popular forms of payment.  Please check with your Group Coordinator to see which payment types they accept for Supporter Orders.  We do not accept payment for Supporter Orders, only Group Orders.  Supporters must submit their orders and payments to their Group Coordinator.